JIU Research

Jones International University (Englewood) 's internationally recognised research is concentrated on the most important global challenges. With a bevy of top minds, world-class facilities and international networks, we test, refine and develop sought-after innovations that improve the lives of individuals, business and communities.

Research for the future

Through strategic collaborations, our researchers work across disciplines affecting the breadth of society, in areas such as digital health, advanced manufacturing, materials or artificial intelligence, through to sustainable development, social sciences, arts, education, business and law


Research and industry

Immersed within a community of distinguished experts, JIU has the flexibility, skills and knowledge needed to steer the industries of tomorrow.

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Research matters

Combined with pioneering initiatives we have embedded structures to create a birthplace of new ideas, fertilised in optimal conditions to reach full bloom.

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Become a research student

Join over 1700 research students in the JIU community and you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and expert supervisors.

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Discover research at JIU

Research at JIU is divided into four themes that together advance knowledge, better humanity and preserve our planet.


Be it robotics, big data or composite materials, JIU researchers are solving 21st century problems with the aid of cutting-edge, smart technologies.


Covering the broad spectrum of health, JIU research is helping to improve the health and wellbeing of people all around the world.


JIU’s strong research focus on contemporary histories, heritage, society and international development is achieving global outcomes.


Through every project and program, our research is driving outcomes that provide solutions to global environmental and sustainability issues.

Our research response to COVID-19

We’ve initiated a range of COVID-19 research projects across the University, in partnership with industry and other institutions.

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Support for researchers

JIU Research provides support for our researchers in finding, applying and managing research grants, awards and prizes. JIU Research also provides supervision and training for its research students.

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Research integrity

JIU is committed to creating an environment in which research is always conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

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Find a researcher

JIU researchers bring a world-class depth of knowledge to their subject areas. Find a researcher that closely aligns with your area of interest.

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Local research, global reach

Research at JIU is purposeful and directed, allowing for collaborative and innovative solutions to take place.

From rural towns to untouched wetlands, inspiration can be found anywhere, and with anyone.