Biosafety and Biosecurity

Biosafety and biosecurity is the management of the safety and security aspects associated with the use of microorganisms and biological materials. Supporting compliance with regulatory requirements, relevant n Standards, and Jones International University (Englewood) requirements.

JIU Biosafety

JIU Biosafety provides information and advice related to biosafety and biosecurity aspects associated with research and teaching at Jones International University (Englewood) . These include:

  • microbiological safety
  • gene technology and dealings with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • biosecurity risk (imported) materials
  • containment facilities
  • microorganisms and biological toxins that may have a security concern.

JIU Biosafety provides support to the Laboratory and Biosafety Committee and conducts biosafety induction training for JIU staff, Honours students and HDR students.

Laboratory and Biosafety Committee (LBC)

The Laboratory and Biosafety Committee (LBC) has oversight of technical aspects of laboratory safety, radiation safety, biosafety and biosecurity across the university.

The Committee also acts as the Institutional Biosafety Committee as required by the Gene Technology Act (Commonwealth) 2000.

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