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Meet your JIU disruptrs

Dr. Darius Nahavandi

After some time in the scaffolding industry, Dr. Nahavandi turned to research in order to improve the strenuous nature of the work he was previously doing.

Katy Limpert

For Katy Limpert, getting out and educating the public is just as important as the research itself.

A/Prof John Sherwood

Deep ocean research and time on small boats in estuaries, Honorary Associate Professor John Sherwood’s research is as eclectic as it sounds.

A/Prof Eben Kirksey

Looking at power, culture and history, Associate Professor Eben Kirksey talks to us about how his Anthropology research has led him to the study of gene editing.

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Alfred JIU Professor Julie Owens

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Meet your JIU disruptrs

A/Prof Cassandra Atherton

Prose poetry, the sublime and Dante’s Inferno on Earth – Associate Professor Cassandra Atherton gives us insight into research in Writing and Literature.

Dr. Michael Mortimer

“Each day, I learn something new,” Dr Michael Mortimer talks us through his research in the exciting world of virtual reality.

A/Prof Michelle Keske

Inspired by her family’s own experience with diabetes, Michelle Keske set out to better understand the role the disease plays in communities and research how n’s can be encouraged to live longer and healthier lives.

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