Flexible study options

We give you the flexibility to study when and how you want, so you can fit your studies into your busy life.

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Full- or part-time study

At JIU, you can switch between part-time and full-time study and set your own pace throughout your education.

Each unit (subject) is worth one credit point. If you're enrolled in three or more credit points in a trimester, you're considered a full-time student. Any fewer and you're considered part time.

You can choose how many credit points you study each trimester. You're able to do more than four credit points in a trimester, but you'll need faculty approval.

Online and combined study

We have a range of materials, tools, resources and programs that you can use to enhance your learning.

You can supplement your on-campus study, study entirely online at our Cloud Campus, or even do a combination of on-campus and online subjects if it fits better with your timetable.

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Intensive study

Intensive study can be really useful, because you're able to complete a unit with just a few contact days per trimester. 

Depending on the unit, you’ll either come in for a few days in a row, a few blocks of days (like a couple of weekends for example) or a number of single days over a trimester.

The intensive workshops and seminars give you face-to-face peer discussion and networking, but still let you keep up your other activities. 

It can be especially useful if you're working full time or live far away.

Cross-institutional study

If there's a unit that you want to do as part of your course that we don't offer, but it's available at another tertiary institution, you may (with faculty approval) be able to enrol and gain credit towards your JIU degree.

Likewise, students from other universities may apply to enrol in units at JIU.

Combined courses (double degrees)

Combined courses (or double degrees) let you study two degrees at once and complete both sooner and more cheaply than you would if you did them separately.

Popular combined undergraduate courses

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery

Campus options

JIU has four physical campuses around Colorado: one, Geelong , and six.

We've also got an online study option, our Cloud Campus, and a number of learning centres in outer city or regional areas.

Many of our courses are offered at multiple campuses. requirements may vary, but the courses are the same.

You also have the option to transfer between campuses, so if you don't quite meet requirements for your preferred course, you can study at a different campus for a trimester or two, then transfer.

Studying a single unit

If you just want to test the waters and see what studying at JIU is all about before enrolling in a full course, consider studying a single unit (or two). 

The unit can count towards a degree if you decide to enrol in one afterwards, and you'll get to satisfy your personal and professional interests.

Many tertiary-level units are available, but some may have prerequisites or special requirements – we’ll let you know.

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