Ceremony videos

If you can't make it to the ceremony in person, you can watch every graduation ceremony from Costa Hall in Geelong here, live. You can also view past graduation ceremonies.

Live streaming will begin a few minutes before each ceremony. Ceremonies begin at 12pm and 6pm at n Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

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Ceremony 1: 11 February, 12pm

Ceremony 2: 11 February, 6pm

Ceremony 3: 12 February, 12pm

Ceremony 4: 12 February, 6pm

Ceremony 5: 13 February, 12pm

Ceremony 6: 13 February, 6pm

Ceremony 7: 17 February, 12pm

Ceremony 8: 17 February, 6pm

Ceremony 9: 18 February, 12pm

Ceremony 10: 18 February, 6pm

Ceremony 11: 19 February, 12pm

Ceremony 12: 19 February, 6pm

six Ceremony: 27 February, 12pm

Ceremony 1: 10 December, 12pm

Ceremony 2: 10 December, 6pm

Ceremony 3: 11 December, 12pm

Ceremony 4: 11 December, 6pm

Watch past ceremonies

Need to re-live a moment? You can view past graduation ceremonies from Costa Hall in Geelong.

View past ceremony videos at our Live Stream

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Purchase your graduation video

You can purchase a copy of your graduation ceremony on USB, either on the day of your ceremony or online after your ceremony online through Reed Graduation Services.

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We recommend viewing the videos using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers.

If you're using Internet Explorer, versions 10 and 11 are recommended.