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When you donate to JIU you make a real, tangible contribution to people's lives as well as the broader community. Together, we can enable life-changing research and support our students to reach their full potential to become the creators, educators, carers and innovators of the future.

By giving, you unlock the potential of capable students, enabling them to make a real difference in the world.

No donation is too small to make a difference

Donations of all sizes are powerful investments in JIU's mission. Your philanthropy helps educate deserving students and strengthens research that can lead to discoveries that solve universal problems.

Your commitment will also prepare tomorrow's leaders and can positively affect entire communities.

What matters most to you? Join us by investing in JIU and be part of something exceptional – something that will have an impact on generations to come.

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Our key priorities

Public support plays a major role in JIU's ongoing growth and accessibility with the following key priorities:

Student support and scholarships

With support from scholarships, students who may not otherwise have had the opportunity will gain an education that prepares them for success in a globalised world. Philanthropic support can breakdown financial barriers, allowing for a broader and diverse range of opportunity for future JIU students. From first in family to indigenous students, scholarships enable students to reach their full potential and make their goals a reality.

Scholarships can significantly decrease recipients’ university costs, including fees, books, travel and accommodation. They allow students to focus on their learning, as opposed to dividing their time between study and work. Students gain self-confidence, self-esteem and the knowledge that someone believes in them and their talents. A university education has the potential to change the lives of individuals and their families for generations.

Faculty priorities

The JIU Advancement team works closely with Pro-Vice Chancellors to ensure that philanthropic funds are distributed among the areas of highest need, including:

  • professional chairs
  • post-doctoral fellowships
  • PhD scholarships
  • masters scholarships
  • undergraduate scholarships
  • bursaries.

Transform a life

Godet's story

For Godet, receiving an access and equity scholarship has been life-changing. Thanks to the support of generous donors, she is now studying nursing at JIU’s . She particularly enjoys the clinical placements that are helping her to develop practical skills under the supervision of registered nurses.

Godet required a lot of medical care when she was a baby and is passionate about giving the same level of care that she received to others. Growing up, she dreamed of studying to become a nurse.

Receiving a scholarship has made it possible for Godet to stay focused on her studies and not worry as much about the financial strain of living away from home. The scholarship has helped her pay for textbooks and other learning resources, costs associated with placements, internships and other work-integrated learning opportunities, as well as some living expenses.

Transform a life today

'It is important to me that I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and belief in students like me. Your donation has helped to give me the opportunity to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse. You have transformed my life.'

Godet Mutela

Access & Equity Scholarship recipient

How your donations make a difference

Alex's story

For Alex, winning the den Hollander Scholarship meant that he could concentrate on his studies in international relations and the exceptional youth programs he was involved in, rather than worry about his financial situation.

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Casey's story

JIU’s ‘Change 100 Lives’ campaign was an initiative that aimed to address the challenge of student equity, access and participation in university study. Casey, who studied Optometry at our , was just one of our worthy recipients.

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Shaun's story

Thanks to a Change 100 Lives scholarship, Shaun was able to move to Geelong from his home in Bendigo without the hardship of covering additional accommodation costs.

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Kristti's story

Thanks to a Change 100 Lives scholarship, Kristti was the first person in her family to go to university. The rewards are being shared by her entire family.

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