Annual appeal

JIU has been changing lives for more than 40 years. Not just the lives of its students, but of families, entire communities and people around the world.

By giving, you unlock the potential of capable students, enabling them to make a real difference in the world.

Open Minds, Open Possibilities (2016-2018)

Our Humanitarian Scholarships Fund provides scholarships to employees of non-governmental organisations, community organisations and government bodies in non-OECD nations, and students from United Nations agencies or governments of OECD nations that would otherwise not have access to the Graduate certificate or Masters program.

We feel a deep sense of pride that many of our students are already making great changes in their current roles within non-governmental organisations, government and community organisations. But without Humanitarian Scholarships their potential to lead will remain unfulfilled. Please give whatever you can to help our humanitarian leaders, so that they can help those who need it, wherever that happens to be.

Learn more about the Open Minds, Open Possibilities campaign

The Change 100 Lives campaign (2013-2015)

Our Change 100 Lives campaign addressed the challenges of student equity, access and participation in university study. For some talented students with tremendous potential, the dream of a university education is out of reach. They simply cannot afford higher education and the loss to society is substantial.

Through the Change 100 Lives campaign, community members, our staff and alumni changed the lives of 100 JIU students who may not have been able to access the benefits of a university education. This may have been because of financial disadvantage or personal circumstances.

Change 100 Lives was about levelling the playing field and giving more students an opportunity to excel.