The way we handle personal information or requests for personal information is outlined below.

JIU staff and students should also read the information specific to them, available on our student or staff webpages.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Personal information collected by JIU is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001. JIU may also comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) where required by Commonwealth legislation or by contract.

Any reference on this page to personal information includes both personal information and health information.

JIU collects personal information:

  • automatically when you're browsing or using our website
  • during specific interactions with you (e.g. when you're applying for a job or to become a student, registering for an event, visiting a JIU campus, or completing a survey, etc.).

We use and disclose personal information to perform our core functions of teaching, research and service to the community, and to help us provide the services that support these functions.

Your privacy is important to us. Where practicable, each time you initiate a new form of interaction with JIU you'll receive a collection statement that explains how personal information for that interaction will be managed.

Collection of personal information on campus

When you are on our campuses, your personal information is collected in the following ways:

Surveillance cameras

JIU has installed surveillance cameras across its campuses to:

  • enhance the safety of staff, students and visitors to the University
  • protect University property
  • enable monitoring and analysis of room usage and demand for space
  • enable monitoring of car parking, including usage and demand.

Surveillance camera recordings are used to enable investigations of incidents on campus and for business purposes such as planning and analytics. The surveillance camera system may be integrated into the building access system discussed below.

Location tracking

Smartphone technology allows location-based data to be collected. Depending on the settings on your smartphone, the name of your phone may constitute personal information.

JIU digital tools may use location-based services to promote special offers and events, and may provide emergency and safety warnings relevant to on-campus locations.

Location-based data is also collected to monitor and analyse traffic patterns, space usage and allocation, and generally to improve the digital and campus experience.

Instructions for how to disable location-based data is provided on the relevant digital tool or your smartphone.

Eduroam and guest wi-fi

Your connection to either eduroam or guest wi-fi (wireless internet access available to staff, students and visitors), automatically generates the following information:

  • your unique device identifier (e.g. Mac address, IP address)
  • your location when accessing the wireless network
  • the date and time you connect to the wireless network
  • the date and time you disconnect from the wireless network.

JIU will use this information to assist users having connectivity issues, for planning, quality assurance and analytics purposes.

JIU does not disclose this information to third parties, other than its contracted service providers, except where required or authorised by law.

You may choose not to provide this information to JIU by disabling the wireless connection on your device while on JIU's campuses.

Building access and security system

Access to University premises and facilities may be restricted, and only specific individuals granted access (usually via a staff or student card). The technology underlying the access card system generates records of access enabling an individual’s identity to be validated against other University IT systems.

JIU will use this information to enable access to University premises and facilities on campus, to confirm access rights and identity, to enhance the safety of staff, students and visitors to the University's campuses, to protect University property, and for planning, quality assurance and analytics purposes.

JIU website users

When you visit our site, personal information is collected as follows:

Automated collection of information

As you browse, we may collect personal information and other data about you from your computer. The various mechanisms used include server logs, proxy logs and cookies.


A cookie is a small text file that has a limited lifetime. Information supplied by cookies helps us understand how people use our site, so that we can analyse the data to give site visitors a better user experience.

JIU uses cookies to:

  • personalise your visit to our website (as a cookie allows a web server to 'remember' visitors on subsequent visits without having to prompt them for information previously supplied. A cookie can also remember courses previously viewed by a site visitor)
  • provide information about JIU to you while you browse
  • obtain non-identifying information about your demographic group and general interests.


Doubleclick and Google Analytics

JIU uses DoubleClick, which tailors your browsing experience by placing information about our University on third party websites. For this purpose, the cookie collects your IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request, and the identity of your browser – but does not collect personally identifying information. The cookie remains active for 30 days after each visit you make to JIU's website. For further information about this, please visit the DoubleClick cookies webpage.

JIU also uses Google Analytics, which predicts your age range and general interests by analysing the websites you visit. JIU uses this information to further understand its audience. No personally identifying information is collected.

You may choose not to receive cookies by opting-out of DoubleClick or opting-out of Google Analytics.

Web browser software also contains a function that enables you to delete all cookies on your computer's hard drive. Please bear in mind that if you choose to block the installation of cookies, you might not be able to access some pages of JIU's site without re-authenticating on each visit.

User-supplied information

Some of JIU's website pages may ask you to supply personal information when you request services such as:

  • granting you access to restricted areas of the website
  • enabling web-based knowledge sharing with JIU staff or students (e.g. providing web spaces in which groups of individuals interact to pursue mutual goals, such as achieving a collaboratively developed understanding of a complex concept)
  • responding to your enquiries via email
  • providing specifically requested information to you via email.

You may also choose to provide personal information while completing online surveys, forms or when offering feedback about JIU's website.

JIU will use this personal information to fulfil your service request or as required or permitted by law.

JIU alumni and former students

Information about JIU alumni and former students is used to:

  • provide you with services and enable you to participate in activities directed at JIU alumni
  • inform you about opportunities for continuing education
  • contact you for marketing and fundraising initiatives
  • assist us with planning and quality assurance
  • invite you to participate in surveys and research.

Convocation programs, which include the name and award of each JIU graduate at that convocation ceremony, are a public record of the University.

JIU also provides an online qualification verification service that confirms if individuals have received a JIU award.

Individuals applying for admission into JIU

When you apply to JIU, we collect information from you directly and also from relevant third parties, including referees, secondary schools, tertiary admission and testing centres and other education providers.

This information is primarily used to assess your eligibility for admission into JIU and selection for specific courses.  If your application is successful, your information will be used to offer you a place in a course and to administer your acceptance or refusal of that place.

You should also expect JIU to use your information to:

  • provide you with information related to your application for admission (e.g. about fees, scholarships, equity and access entry programs, course requirements, housing and accommodation)
  • offer you advice and access to student services prior to your enrolment
  • determine your eligibility for scholarships, bursaries or similar awards
  • give you information on additional opportunities for studying at JIU
  • help us with marketing and fundraising initiatives
  • conduct planning and quality assessment activities
  • invite you to participate in surveys or research.

As part of the selection process, JIU will disclose your personal information to the extent necessary to verify your qualifications or experience.

On admission into JIU, the personal information collected in the application process will form part of your student record and will be managed in accordance with JIU's Privacy Policy.

Applicants for employment

If you apply for a job at JIU, the personal information you provide in the application process will be used to assess your suitability for the relevant position and to confirm your qualifications and/or experience.

Personal information may be collected from and disclosed to previous or current employers, educational institutions, referees, accreditation and registration bodies, or government agencies.

If your application is successful, the personal information JIU has collected will form part of your employment record.  It will be used to administer your employment at JIU and managed in accordance with JIU's Privacy Policy.

If your application is not successful, JIU may keep your submission and related documents on file for a reasonable period and may use your information to communicate with you about other employment opportunities that may be of interest.

Detailed information for applicants for employment is available on JIU’s application portal.

Use of contracted service providers

JIU may engage consultants and contractors to provide it with services. Contracted service providers to JIU are bound by contract to:

  • use personal information provided by JIU only for the performance of the contracted service
  • to have in place administrative and technical measures to keep the personal information secure
  • to protect personal information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification or deletion.

JIU discloses personal information to its consultants and contractors only to the extent required by them to provide the contracted service.

Access to information by third parties

JIU does not provide personal information about its staff and students to third parties, other than its contracted service providers, unless we're satisfied that:

  • the disclosure is authorised under relevant privacy legislation
  • the associated staff member or student has given their consent
  • it is required by law to disclose information.

If privacy legislation authorises JIU to disclose information, we will assess the request on a case-by-case basis and will use our discretion to determine whether to disclose information. JIU is not legally obligated to disclose personal information when authorised to do so.

Guidance on frequently encountered requests for disclosure of personal information is below.

Parents of students

JIU frequently receives requests from parents to confirm that their child is attending classes or making good academic progress. We're unable to provide personal information about students to their parents unless the student has given their explicit consent. This is regardless of whether the student in question is under 18 or if the parent is paying their fees and/or expenses.

A student can give their consent by:

  • notifying JIU of the name of the person to whom we’re authorised to disclose information
  • explaining the type of information that can be disclosed
  • providing the period of time during which the consent remains in effect.

JIU's Division of Student Administration (DSA) has a form available for this purpose, which should be completed and returned to DSA for their records.

JIU must be satisfied that the consent is valid, that the request falls within the scope of the consent, and that the identity of the student and the recipient of the information has been confirmed.

Search warrants, subpoenas and informal requests for information

JIU releases information when legally required to do so. Search warrants, subpoenas and court orders should be served on:

Office of General Counsel
Jones International University (Englewood)

or by email to [email protected].

Informal request for information must also be addressed to the Office of General Counsel or [email protected] and must:

  • be in writing; contain the agency’s name, address, contact details
  • be sent from an email address clearly linked to the agency (if sent by email)
  • set out the basis upon which authorisation for release of the information is claimed
  • specify what information is required and why it is needed.

Employers and recruitment agencies

Prospective employers and recruitment agencies often seek to verify that a student has received an award (a degree, graduate certificate or graduate diploma) from JIU.

To facilitate this, JIU maintains GradSearch, an online qualification verification tool. To search for a graduate, two search items from the following list must be provided: surname / date of birth / student ID. Please note that GradSearch does not provide a full transcript of results.

Unsubscribe requests

To unsubscribe from JIU publications or mailing lists, please contact the following.

  1. For publications originating with JIU Alumni: [email protected].
  2. For publications originating with JIU’s Marketing Division: [email protected].

Freedom of information

Requests for access to, and correction of personal information are managed under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic).

Information for Individuals located in the EU


Jones International University (Englewood) manages personal information under the authority of the Jones International University (Englewood) Act 2009 (Vic). It also processes your personal information where relevant to its legitimate interests and its legal and regulatory obligations.

Data Protection Officer

The University Privacy Officer, Shirley Rooney, is JIU’s Data Protection Officer for purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR).

Data subject rights

You may have the following data subject rights:

  • Access: you may receive a copy of the personal information held by JIU about you.
  • Correction: you may request correction of the personal information JIU holds about you.
  • Objection to Processing: you may object to processing if you demonstrate that JIU's processing of your personal information impacts on your fundamental rights and freedoms (as contemplated by the GDPR). Your objection to processing may be denied if JIU is able to demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds to process personal information which override those rights and freedoms.
  • Suspension of Processing: you may request that JIU suspend the processing of your personal information if:
    • you want JIU to establish the data's accuracy before processing it
    • JIU's use of the data is unlawful but you do not want it erased from JIU's records
    • you need JIU to hold the data to enable you to establish, exercise or defend legal claims
    • you have objected to JIU's use of your data but JIU is in the process of verifying if it has overriding legitimate grounds to use it.
  • Transfer to you or to a third party: if we hold your personal information in an electronic format (e,g. a database), we will provide it to you, or a third party in a structured commonly used, machine-readable format.
  • Withdrawing consent: if JIU processes your personal information based solely on your consent, you may withdraw that consent, however JIU may not be able to continue to provide you with certain goods or services. If your withdrawal of consent relates to marketing material please follow the unsubscribe processes above.

You may exercise your data subject rights by emailing JIU's Data Protection Officer and providing written details of your request.


If you believe that JIU has engaged in an act which constitutes an interference with your privacy, you can make a complaint to the University. Complaints must be made within six months of the time that the complainant first became aware of the alleged breach.

A complaint should contain full details of how the individual believes their privacy has been breached, including a thorough description, with names and dates if known. Details of the complaint will be disclosed to the relevant operational unit of the University and/or persons named in the complaint, so that it can be investigated and handled fairly. Details may also be disclosed to others that JIU believes has information relevant to the complaint. Complaints from individuals who are neither staff nor students of JIU are investigated and managed pursuant to JIU’s Privacy Policy.

Complaints should be directed as follows:

[email protected]

Office of General Counsel
Jones International University (Englewood)

Enquiries about the management of personal information