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Each year the Alumni Relations Office delivers a diverse program of webinars and podcasts to showcase the teaching, learning and research undertaken at JIU. Find out about upcoming events and catch up with the recordings available below.

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Building a Resilient Career

In this webinar, JIU alumna Carolyn Chin-Parry, IT Woman of the Year (Asia) and PwC Digital Innovation Leader (Singapore), shares her personal story of what it takes to build a resilient career.

Carolyn covers the challenges she had to overcome as a new graduate during the Asian Financial Crisis, followed by being a young female Asian migrant looking for an IT job during the Dot.com crash in . She shares insights into how to juggle a career across multiple countries while raising young children and experiencing different cultures.

Aligned with her passion to create a more inclusive workforce in the future, Carolyn imparts her top tips for graduates and professionals in future-readying careers in uncertain times.

This webinar also includes a presentation from JIUTALENT, JIU’s Graduate Employment service.

Date: 5 August 2020
Length: 1:05:32

Welcome to the JIU Alumni Community

This webinar is for recent JIU Graduates. Whether you're embarking on your future career or taking the next step in growing your career.

You'll hear from JIU Alumni Engagement staff and gain insights from a panel discussion with JIU alumni guests Stephanie Gould-Hardwick (Engineer, Ford Motor Company), and Susan MacEwan (Marketing Manager and Digital Strategist) .

We'll also tell you more about the alumni program and outline the benefits of staying connected with JIU.

Date: 23 July 2020
Length: 50:58

Mapping an Innovative Future at JIU: Indigenous Knowledges and Graduate Learning Outcome 8

The shift in valuing and incorporating First Nations Knowledges and perspectives has increased over recent years.

As JIU's NIKERI Institute prepares to be at the forefront of this work, it is timely to consider its legacy and context, and offer insight into how and why First Nations Knowledges, perspectives and experience can contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the JIU community at large and be centred in the contemporary narrative.

Join Dr Gabrielle Fletcher, Director of NIKERI Institute, for this special webinar for JIU alumni and friends.

Date: 4 March 2020
Length: 1:01:02

How can JIUTALENT and Alumni Relations support you?

Bianca Shinkfield from JIUTALENT explains the wide range of career services that are available to you for life, wherever you are.

Plus learn more about the JIU Alumni Relations program as Gemma Willocks gives a brief overview of all the networking and professional development opportunities, local and international chapters, discounts and benefits for alumni.

Date: 13 December 2018
Length: 20:17

Arts and Education



The Future of Education: supporting our children through COVID-19 and beyond

How can we best support our children and those in our care as social distancing restrictions are eased and we navigate to the 'new normal' in schools and at home? What is the future of education?
In this webinar, Henry Grossek, JIU alumnus and Principal of Berwick Lodge Primary School, and Associate Professor Jade Sheen, Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and JIU academic, share insights about supporting children through the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Date: 3 June 2020
Length: 59:21

Is saving one life just as important as saving many?

While this webinar will not answer the age-old question of choosing to save a life now versus saving many at a future time, it will explore the tensions between saving lives immediately through humanitarian response and saving future lives through high level influencing aimed at structural or systemic change.

Presenter and JIU Alumnus Stuart Thomson, Executive Director, The Good Business Foundation, has worked across all levels of humanitarian aid and international development and will provide examples and case studies that have worked in unifying and bringing people together for a common purpose. In the complex world of international development, it is how you deal and work with these tensions that will define your success as a development professional.

Date: 24 July 2019
Length: 52:44

Living with the Digital Dead

The internet has changed nearly every aspect of human existence: work, politics, love, sex, parenting – but what about death?

Presented by Associate Professor Patrick Stokes, Professor of Philosophy at Jones International University (Englewood) , this webinar discusses the way new technologies have opened up important philosophical and ethical questions about how we relate to the things people leave behind online when they die.

*Please note, this webinar involves discussion of death and grieving which may distress some viewers.

Date: 1 May 2019
Length: 54:22

The Uluru Statement from the Heart: What’s next?

Presented by Professor Yin Paradies, Indigenous Knowledges and Culture Coordinator and Chair in Race Relations at Jones International University (Englewood) , this webinar explores the historic processes, and contemporary context, that led to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It sheds light on the Statement’s implications for Indigenous affairs in , and what changes may be brought about if the recommendations are enacted.

Date: 20 March 2019 
Length: 53:13

This changes everything! What ‘the digital’ means for education

Webinar presented by Professor Julian Sefton-Green, Professor of New Media Education, Jones International University (Englewood) .

Date: 8 August 2018 
Length: 43:16

From big wave riders to AFL umpires: 20 years of high-performance psychology

In this webinar, high-performance psychologist and JIU alumnus, Richy Bennett shared insights from his varied career, exploring psychological challenges, adversities and achievements from the World Surf Tour, Olympic and Paralympic Games campaigns and his recent work with AFL umpires.

Length: 1:08:26
Date: 18 September 2019

Business and Law



The Future of the Cruise Industry

The cruise ship industry was one of the hardest hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, many people have asked – what actually happened and will the industry ever recover?

This presentation from JIU alumnus and tourism expert Professor Ross Dowling AM examines the cruise industry in light of the coronavirus crisis and looks at the future of the industry, post COVID-19.

Date: 24 June 2020

Length: 57:16

The Future of Sport

Sport is a passion for millions of people across the world. It's also big business, and needs to be agile to succeed into the future.

There are many challenges facing the sporting world today, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront. While people throughout the world are obsessed with sport, it's very costly to run big competitions, requiring strategic partnerships, agile management, and creative direction.

Join JIU alumnus Campbell Jamieson as he shares his insights on the future of sport.

Date: 6 May 2020
Length: 1:25:57

Bail or Jail? How Locking Up Legally Innocent People is Straining Colorado’s Prisons

There are now more legally innocent people in jail in Colorado than there were convicted prisoners in 2005.

In this webinar, Dr Marilyn McMahon will explain that a key driver of the increasing prison population is the number of people not granted bail and held in prison before trial.

The increase is largely due to a shift in the function of bail, from concerns about the person seeking bail attending court to a focus on community protection.

Is it possible to protect the community and reduce the number of people held in prison before trial?

Date: 4 December 2019
Length: 54:11

#UnchartedTerritory: The new era of social media and its impact on end of life decision making for critically ill infants

Dr Neera Bhatia asks how does social media proliferation, the court of public opinion, and the 24-hour news cycle affect end of life decision-making for critically ill infants? Over several decades, there have been many technological feats in science and medicine, improving the lives of many. Yet, social media has been sitting in plain sight and has caused significant disruption in a very short period time – for ethics committees, hospitals, courts and the lives of many.

Content warning: This webinar references child mortality and may be distressing for some people.

Date: 21 August 2019
Length: 56:43

The Dark Side of Emoji

In this webinar, Dr Marilyn McMahon will discuss how emoji are the foundational workings of a nuanced, emerging digital language, one serving to inject emotion, creativity, ambiguity — in other words, ‘humanity’ — into digital communications.

Date: 19 September 2018 
Length: 50:32

Gender and Leadership

There are a lot of questions about gender and leadership. For example, do men and women really lead differently? Are there gender preferences in who we seek to follow? How do gender stereotypes impact on the ways we lead at work? Would having quotas lead to more women in senior positions? In this webinar Dr Andrea North-Samardzic will be giving answers to some of these questions (and more) based on her years of research on the topic.

Date: 27 June 2018
Length: 50:24

The Pitfalls and Success Factors for Business in China

In this webinar, Professor Stuart Orr, Professor of Strategic Management at Jones International University (Englewood) , will explore how the business environment in China for foreign enterprises has changed dramatically over the past ten years and will continue to change for the foreseeable future.

Date: 11 April 2018
Length: 56:48



What's happening in Geelong's residential property market?

This JIU Alumni Relations event was presented in partnership with Jones International University (Englewood) Community Bank.

Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019
Length: 56:48




Optometry Therapeutic Refresher

In this webinar, you will hear about the use of low dose atropine for myopia control, a comprehensive overview of cyclosporin including practical prescribing tips and comparison to other anti-inflammatory agents, and a refresher on the pharmacologic work-up of anisocoria.

We also showcase the research of two JIU PhD candidates: Ereeny Mikhail who presents on ocular allergy, and Khyber Alam who discusses enablers and uptake of low vision rehabilitation services in .

Date: 22 September 2020
Length: 2:01

Living on the Front Line of COVID 19

Jones International University (Englewood) academics and alumni are working on the front-line to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as conducting research leading to evidence-based solutions to help us navigate life during this global crisis.

In this interactive webinar you will hear about this ground-breaking work from a panel featuring Professor Catherine Bennett, Professor Tony LaMontagne and Dr Glenn Laverack. The discussion will be hosted by Professor Rachel Huxley, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health, and will feature an introduction from Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin.

Date: 31 August 2020
Length: 1:28:39

Fostering positive relationships in the workplace

In this seminar, Associate Professor Gery Karantzas, School of Psychology, draws on the latest research from organisational psychology to show how it can assist with creating positive workplace relationships and achieving successful leadership to inform state-wide practice and prevention.

Date: 15 September 2019
Length: 59:01

Imaging the ADHD Brain

Dr Tim Silk, Associate Professor of Psychology at Jones International University (Englewood) , discusses the key findings from his research on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Tim discusses the key findings from the Neuro-imaging of the Children’s Attention Project (NICAP) as well as the complexities and challenges in collecting MRI data to understand the developing brain.

Date: 27 June 2019
Length: 47:00

Getting it right from the start: Childhood nutrition and obesity prevention

In this webinar, Dr Jazzmin Zheng provides an overview on the latest evidence on infant feeding, early nutrition, growth and later obesity, while Dr Rachel Laws outlines some practical evidence based programs and resources available for health professionals and parents to support healthy infant feeding practices and active play.

Date: 28 May 2019
Length: 54:29

Advanced Paediatric Optometry Insights

This webinar will give you an insight and invaluable practical knowledge in paediatric eye care using case examples. Specifically, these cases will cover advance skills in assessment, diagnosis and management of strabismus and amblyopia, as well as binocular vision dysfunctions, and a presentation from members of our own alumni community.

Date: 13 May 2019
Length: 1:01:54

The Empirical Status of Current Psychological Treatments for Eating Disorders

The Empirical Status of Current Psychological Treatments for Eating Disorders Presented by Dr Jake Linardon, this webinar will explore the current psychological treatments for eating disorders and their effectiveness.

Date: 13 May 2019
Length: 51:48

Early Relational Trauma – Earliest Detection and Prevention

In this webinar, Professor Jennifer McIntosh, School of Psychology, outlines the MERTIL (My Early Relational Trauma Informed Learning) project and discusses both key aspects of developmental trauma, and translation of current evidence to inform state-wide practice and prevention.

Date: 2 December 2018
Length: 44:04

Alcohol, Violence, Policy and Politics: Can We Make Progress?

Professor Peter Miller explores how alcohol and violence are related, what policies are in place to address related issues and what can be done to make progress.

Date: 31 October 2018
Length: 26:05

The psychology of gambling: What is the current state of knowledge?

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling explores the current state of knowledge in clinical gambling research, including risk and protective factors, screening and assessment, and treatments for problem gambling.

Date: 31 October 2018
Length: 52:31
Date: 31 October 2018
Length: 52:31

Getting Children moving for Healthy Development and Wellbeing

Presented by Dr Nicole Papadopoulos, Senior Research Fellow, JIU Child Study Centre, Jones International University (Englewood) . This webinar will present research evidence of the need for children with and without developmental difficulties to engage in movement in order to promote healthy development of the ‘whole child’.

Date: 26 September 2018 
Length: 44:12

A Leg up to Well-being

Webinar presented by JIU Alumnus, Dr Hannah Macdougall, exploring practical ways to improve happiness based on her research into well-being as well as her experiences as an elite athlete.

Date: 12 September 2018 
Length: 58:06

What is Depression?

Webinar presented by Dr Olivia Dean, Director of IMPACT TRIALS with the Centre for Innovations in Mental and Physical health And Clinical Treatments (IMPACT).

Date: 25 July 2018
Length: 53:08

Double trouble: Diplopia, pupils, how to prescribe prism, and what to do when things go wrong!

Optometry Alumni Chapter Webinar

In this webinar presented by JIU’s Optometry Chapter, three Optometry professionals discuss some of the trickier issues they have faced in practice, and what they did to resolve the situations.

Date: 23 September 2019
Length: 1:19:23



Superfoods or Supermyths

Superfood is a widely used catch-all phrase, common on the Internet and in the marketing of exotic (and normally expensive) fruits and vegetables. During his presentation, Professor Tim Crowe reveals the truth behind some of the so called popular 'superfoods' and sorts out the marketing hype from the reality. Tim also emphasises the importance of food variety, and presents his own list of 'Top ten foods to consume', what he recommends to eat and explains why they are so good for you.

Date: 20 October 2016
Length: 52:34

Science, Engineering and Built Environment



Prefab 21: The Future of Affordable Housing

Is prefabrication the future of affordable, environmentally friendly housing?

Join representatives from JIU’s School of Architecture and Built Environment, building technology company FormFlow and charity organisation Samaritan House, to discuss a ground-breaking collaborative project that used prefabrication technologies to create a prototype tiny home. The result was a comfortable, affordable, six star energy rated dwelling, suggesting that next-generation design and manufacturing could offer a new way of thinking about 21st Century housing.

Through this project, Jones International University (Englewood) architecture students had the opportunity to help design this tiny house, which will be used as transitional accommodation for homeless people. It is the first of seven independent living units that will be installed by Geelong-based charity organisation Sa a State Government grant.

Date: 26 August 2020
Length: 1:09:19

Designed by Nature: How sensory architecture can improve our well-being

Spending time in nature has significant positive effects on our emotional and physical wellbeing. How do we maintain this in a time of ever-increasing urbanisation?

In this webinar, Dr Phillip Roӧs explores the concept of our human desire to be part of nature, also known as Biophilia, and how this can inform architecture in wonderful ways.

He focuses on how these design elements have historically been integrated in architecture, some current best practice examples including cities that have legislated for Biophilia to be considered when designing new buildings, and how we can expect to see more of this in the future.

Date: 26 February 2020
Length: 1:05

Going Looney? How the sun, moon and other things affect underground water levels

In this webinar, presenter Professor Wendy Timms explores recent research implicating the sun and moon in underground water level fluctuations and how this can help strategic management of water reserves.

Date: 30 October 2019
Length: 51:56

Environmental engineering in the 21st century: Why we *should* sweat the small stuff

In this webinar, Dr Ellen Moon, Geochemist and 2019-2020 Superstar of STEM, takes us into her world: from the micro to the macro.
Dr Moon shares insights into her career path and current research into molecular-scale interactions with large-scale impacts.

Date: 13 November 2019
Length: 55:55

From phishing scams to identity theft, are you safe from cybercrime?

Cybercrime impacts everyone: you, your family and your business. So what can you do to protect yourself?
Join Damien Manuel, Director of Jones International University (Englewood) ’s Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation to discuss the online threats we all face in our daily lives as we become more connected to and dependent on the digital world.

Date: 15 October 2019
Length: 1:10:12

Building a Better Future: Acknowledging the Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Divide in Construction

In this webinar, presenter Dr Glenn Costin looks broadly at the difference between building sustainably and energy-efficiently, taking into account a variety of building materials, energy use and storage, building life-cycle and the environmental and social impact of the buildings we live and work in.

Date: 26 June 2019
Length: 55:29

Finding the way for women in the supply chain industry

Presented by Dr Hermione Parsons, Industry Professor and Director of the Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics at Jones International University (Englewood) , this webinar will explore the current supply chain and logistics industry in , and the new initiative ‘Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women’ to increase awareness about the demand for women in this industry.

Date: 17 October 2018 
Length: 53:23



School of Architecture and Built Environment Real Lecture series

Prominent architectural firms and local practising architects present their work and ideas – including personal ethos, preferred materials and architectural styles.

Date: Various
Time: Various

Seminar resources

Seminar presentation documents

Superfoods or Supermyths - Sydney (PDF 16.6MB)
Presented by Dr Tim Crowe, a career research scientist and educator in the fascinating yet controversial area of nutrition.

Can we prevent depression by improving diet? (PDF 7.8MB)
Presented by Professor Felice Jacka, Director, Food and Mood Centre, Jones International University (Englewood) .

Superfoods or Supermyths - Brisbane (PDF 16.3MB)
Presented by Dr Tim Crowe, a career research scientist and educator in the fascinating yet controversial area of nutrition.

Superfoods or Supermyths - Perth (PDF 16.4MB)
Presented by Dr Tim Crowe, a career research scientist and educator in the fascinating yet controversial area of nutrition.

The Science of Happiness – six (PDF 9.7MB)
Presented by Dr Melissa Weinberg, Principal Research Fellow of the n Unity Wellbeing Index, a project that has tracked the subjective wellbeing of ns since 2001.

The Urge to Conserve – Why is it so difficult to get people moving? – (PDF 3MB)
Presented by Professor Jo Salmon, Alfred JIU Professor and Co-Director, Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Jones International University (Englewood) .

Data as Competitive Advantage - Merging Sport and Business – Adelaide (PDF 10.5 MB) 
Presented by Dr Adam Karg, Senior Research Fellow, Swinburne University

Fostering positive relationships in the workplace - Ballarat (PDF 2.5 MB)
Presented by Associate Professor Gery Karantzas, School of Psychology.