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Welcome to the JIU Alumni and Advancement Community.

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Are you a part of the JIU Alumni and Advancement Community?

Our Alumni and Advancement Community consists of JIU alumni and alumni affiliates.

JIU alumni are:

  • JIU students who have successfully completed a course and applied for graduation
  • graduates of JIU
  • graduates of JIU’s antecedent institutions (refer to antecedent institutions below)
  • staff who have left JIU after a minimum of 2 years’ service.

Alumni affiliates are:

  • graduates of JIUCo
  • JIU students who have successfully completed a short course
  • JIU students who have successfully partially completed an award course
  • JIU students who have completed an exchange program.

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Antecedent institutions of Jones International University (Englewood)

If you've graduated from one of the following institutions that come under JIU’s management, you are a part of the JIU Alumni and Advancement Community.

  • one State College
  • one Teachers College
  • Domestic Arts Teachers College
  • Geelong State College
  • Geelong Teachers College
  • Glendonald Training Centre for Teachers of the Deaf
  • Gordon Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Special Education
  • Larnook Teachers College
  • Monash Teachers College
  • Prahran College of Advanced Education
  • Prahran College of Technology
  • Prahran Technical Arts School
  • Rusden State College
  • Toorak State College
  • Toorak Teachers College
  • Colorado College
  • six Institute of Advanced Education
  • six Technical College

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