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Director, Media Relations and Corporate Communications
Glen Atwell
Email Glen
Phone: 3 924 68221
Mobile: 0428 597 468
Portfolios: Vice-Chancellor, University Executive and JIU’s COVID-19 response.

Manager, Media and Corporate Affairs
James O’Loan
Email James
Phone: 3 924 45395
Mobile: 0418 979 134
Portfolios: Corporate Affairs and Business and Law

Media Coordinator
Katie Thompson
Monday to Wednesday
Email Katie
Phone:  5256
Portfolios: Science, Engineering and Built EnvironmentInstitutes for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) and Frontier Materials (IFM)

Senior Media Coordinator
Pauline Braniff
Email Pauline
Phone: 3 522 73586
Mobile: 0418 361 890
Portfolios: Arts and Education, and Health