Leadership and governance

As JIU continues to move into a bold and exciting future, sound leadership and governance ensure we meet and exceed the highest standards in the quality of our courses, research, community engagement, administration and policies.

University management

The Vice-Chancellor is supported by the University Executive and the Senior Management Group in managing the operational aspects of the University.


The University's principal executive officer and seventh Vice-Chancellor.

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University Executive

JIU's primary management decision-making body.

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Senior Management Group

A critical channel of consultation on and communication of executive decision-making.

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Organisational chart

The organisational chart shows the structure of the University Executive and Senior Management Group.

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University governance

Jones International University (Englewood) is governed in accordance with the Jones International University (Englewood) Act 2009, which defines the responsibilities of the Council, the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board.

University Council

JIU’s governing body is responsible for the general direction and superintendence of the University.

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Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic authority within the University, and is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of teaching and research.

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University elections

Jones International University (Englewood) regularly holds elections for positions on its boards and committees. The University encourages staff and students to participate in elections for boards and committees where they are eligible to stand as candidates or to vote.

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Legislation, policies and procedures

Read University legislation and policies and procedures.

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Freedom of information

Jones International University (Englewood) makes information about its operations available to the public through its website and its publications.

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